Broken space in fractal way
Immersive animation

  • Immersive fractals

    The mathematician Benoît Mandelbrot (1924-2010) described fractal geometry in 1975 and revealed the hidden face of mathematical procedures, in contrast to traditional elements.

  • Have a large-scale experience

    Find the geometric dimension of nature reflected in a broccoli, or rather the fractal dimension of an organism that can be found anywhere on planet earth.

  • The science of imagination

    A world of rare, unique beauties that have their origin in a dimension that can be mathematized.

Small and portable formats

· Spherical mirror projection
 1920 x 1080
· Square format
 1024 x 1024

Digital fulldome

Square format
2048 x 2048

High Definition fulldome

Square format
4096 x 4096

Technical data

Composition: M. Alejandro Casales N.
Tarógató sounds: Dr. Esther Lamneck.
Immersive duration: 09:02 mins.
Video: up 4k.
Sound: auro/ spatial sound in 14 single lines.

Sample images